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Dianabol is one of the oldest known products for muscle growth and strength gain


(also contains: nicotinamide, dicalcium phosphate, octadecanoic acid, MCC)


Danabol is one of the strongest and most effective products from Drachensang. Danabol has strong anabolic as well as androgenic effects. Danabol can also directly or indirectly stimulate estrogen receptors, as muscle growth is really extreme - there is a certain accumulation of water in the muscles (besides the synthesis of amino acids).

Danabol is not suitable for aerobic sports and not for the definition phase in bodybuilding. Undesirable effects of Danabol are unknown, Danabol users will be aware of the various symptoms associated with high blood testosterone levels.

This agent can be combined with other Dragon Sang products according to the athlete's training goals.

alternative to: Dianabol, Metandienone, Metandrostenolone

Dosage: 6 tabs / day throughout the day

Due to the half-life of 3-5 hours, a three-time intake should be made throughout the day.



Danabol, 100 tablets, (5 mg / tab)

Danabol, Dianabol is one of the oldest anabolic products.


Here you can buy Danabol, Dianabol here.


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